Reforming the World Monetary System "Fritz Machlup and the Bellagio Group"

Reforming the World Monetary System "Fritz Machlup and the Bellagio Group"

ISBN: 978-1-84893-360-6
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At a time when monetary systems are under increasing pressure from external shocks and the need to combat recessionary trends, it is vital that we understand previous attempts to deal with such problems. Focusing on the career of Fritz Machlup, Connell presents the story of the Bellagio Group and its contribution to modern finance. Initiated by Machlup with William Fellner and Robert Triffin, the Bellagio Group was made up of thirty-two non-government academic economists. During the years between 1964 and 1977 the Group met nineteen times and made a series of recommendations for policy makers. Connell examines the Group's archives to find out what caused the need for a change in the gold standard, what macroeconomic effects the Bellagio Group's policies were expected to have and the extent of their influence on modern-day systems. ISBN 1848933606 DEWEY edition DC23
ISBN13 9781848933606
(What's this?) Pages 256
Publisher Pickering & Chatto (Publishers) Ltd Published in London
Imprint Pickering & Chatto (Publishers) Ltd Series title Financial History
Format Hardback Height (mm) 234
Publication date 01 Nov 2012 Width (mm) 156
DEWEY 332.46 Academic level Professional / Scholarly

Introduction 1 A Crisis in Confidence 2 An Introduction to Fritz Machlup, His Research and Methodology 3 Robert Triffin and the Triffin Plan: Comparison of the Thinking of Triffin and Machlup on Adjustment, Liquidity and Confidence Issues 4 Why Economists Disagree: The Role of Framing in Consensus Building 5 Collaboration with the Group of Ten - Emminger, Ossola and van Lennep 6 'Assuring the Free World's Liquidity' through Multiple Reserve Currencies 7 Milton Friedman and the Argument for Flexible Rates 8 (Another) Team of Rivals - The Deputies of the Group of Ten 9 From Bellagio to Burgenstock: The Policy Impact 10 The Bellagio Group and Joint Conferences of Officials and Academics After Machlup 11 Reassessing the Bellagio Group's Impact on International Monetary Reform 12 Impact of the Bellagio Group on International Trade and Finance Scholarship from the 1960s to the Present Be the first to write a customer review


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